The Saints will need some help as they fell to 5-7 in a Thursday night loss to the Cowboys. With a very weak and thin NFC, the Saints can still get themselves into the 7th seed, but they’ll need some help on Sunday. 

The Saints won’t tank, they’re not that kind of team. They see themselves as a playoff team who can’t catch a break from injuries, so they’ll try to finesse their way back into the playoff picture. 

Here is who the Saints will need help from in each game to stay alive in the wildcard race. 

Bucs @ Falcons – Bucs 

Cardinals @ Bears – Cardinals 

Vikings @ Lions – Lions 

Giants @ Dolphins – Dolphins 

Eagles @ Jets – Jets 

Washington @ Raiders – Raiders 

Jags @ Rams – Jags 

49ers @ Seahawks – Seahawks 

Written By Kadin Janisch

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