The injuries just continue to kill the Saints and feel like they won’t stop coming. Taysom Hill, who made his first start Thursday vs the Cowboys, is feared to have a torn tendon in his middle finger in his throwing hand.

The injury happened at 4:31 in the 1st quarter which led to a punt on the drive. Hill was checked and played the rest of the game with a splint on his throwing hand middle finger. 

He appeared to be comfortable until the second half and the throws weren’t there. He was grabbing at his finger after every play and he looked very uncomfortable throwing the football with that splint on his hand. 

Along with that, Hill already was playing with a partially torn plantar fasciitis in his right foot, which is the foot he used to plant into the ground to throw. 

Hill is expected to have surgery on his middle finger soon, and is a similar injury to what Russell Wilson suffered a few weeks back. 

Hill’s injury is specifically called Mallet Finger, which can take 6-8 weeks to heal. The injury itself means the top of the middle finger does not work and can’t flex. 

It is still uncertain when Hill will need surgery on his finger, more tests are being done. He was able to play through it Thursday, but looked uncomfortable. 

Taysom is one tough dude. 

Written By Kadin Janisch

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